Religious fanatics attack two-wheeler rally organised on Gudhipadwa at Karauli, Rajasthan

  • Attacked as the rally passes through a Muslim-majority area
  • 43 people, including 4 Policemen injured
  • Curfew imposed in the City
  • Internet service stopped
Editorial Comments

  • With the Congress Government in Rajasthan, Hindus will be insecure there.
  • Have you ever heard of religious processions of other religions being attacked in Hindu-majority areas ? However, when the Hindu religious procession passes through Muslim-majority areas, it is heavily attacked every year and the secularists remain silent about it.

Karauli (Rajasthan) – A two-wheeler rally was organised by the Hindus, on Gudhipadwa. Religious fanatics attacked the rally while it was passing through a Muslim-majority area. More than 12 shops and 3 vehicles in the Mohan Mandir area were set on fire. 43 people, including 4 policemen were injured in the clashes. A man named Pushpendra is said to be critical.

He was attacked with a knife. Following the violence, a curfew has been imposed and internet services have been stopped. The current situation is stressful, so a large Police force has been deployed in the area.

The State CM Ashok Gehlot has appealed for peace and has assured the arrest of the culprits. He appealed to the public not to believe any rumours. So far, 36 people have been arrested.