Violent agitation by citizens of Sri Lanka in front of the President’s house !

45 arrested

Violent agitation caused by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – Due to the hardships faced because of the economic crisis, the citizens of Sri Lanka gathered outside the house of President Gotabaya Rajapaksha on the night of 31st March. Shouting aloud, the agitators demanded the resignation of the President.

After the Police tried to disperse the agitators, the violence started. The agitators threw bottles and stones at the Police. The Police used tear gas and water cannons to bring the situation under control. The people burnt a bus as well. During this chaos in front of the President’s house, the President himself was not at home. The Special Action Force as well as the army personnel were also deployed to bring the situation under control. Currently, a curfew has been imposed in this area and 45 individuals have been arrested. Sri Lanka is facing a shortage of food items, essentials, fuel, gas, etc. for many weeks.

Due to the lack of diesel, there is a power cut-off for more than 13 hrs in Sri Lanka. The street lights have been closed at some places to save electricity. The Government hospitals are also affected due to the power cut-off.