Taliban bans women from flying alone

Editorial comment

Upon the hijab ban in schools in India, progressives raised their voices by saying it is a violation of the rights of Muslim women. Such progressives would only understand the true meaning of violation of rights of women only if they are sent to Afghanistan.   

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Since retaking power in August 2021, the Taliban have been taking one decision after another against women. Women are now banned from traveling alone on foreign flights from Afghanistan. According to two Afghan Airlines officials, several women who arrived at Kabul International Airport on 25th March were told that they could not fly without a male guardian. The official said that the ruling was announced by high-ranking Taliban officials. Some of the women were holding dual citizenship. They arrived at the airport to return to their home in Canada.

A few months ago, the Taliban announced that women would not be allowed to travel without a male guardian if they wanted to travel more than 72 km.