Anti-war rallies staged in 51 cities across Russia opposing Putin`s decision to invade Ukraine : 1,400 protesters detained

Moscow (Russia) – Protests erupted in 51 Russian cities against Russian President Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. Police arrested 1,400 protesters to disperse them. This includes 700 people from Moscow and 340 people from St. Petersburg. People from other parts were also detained. The protesters demand that Russia should find a solution through negotiations. Protesters held a placard reading “No war”.

Russian attack on Ukraine meant to divert the Russians’ attention away from the internal issues – Alexie Navalny

Putin critic Alexie Navalny, while speaking to a local news channel said, “the war with Ukraine has been unleashed to cover up the robbery of Russian citizens and divert their attention away from the country’s internal problems, from the degradation of its economy”.

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