Russia says some troops returning to base from Ukraine border

Moscow (Russia) – On the background of the possibility of war at any moment between Ukraine and Russia, Russia has announced that some military units on the border of Ukraine were returning to their bases. It was not clear how many units were being withdrawn ? How many soldiers were actually deployed on the border ? How many soldiers will be reduced ?

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence in Russia said that the Army troops deployed in the South and the West had completed the drilling; hence, some units were returning to their bases. These units had loaded all their equipment in the war-vehicles and they had started on their journey back.

Britain said that it is being claimed by Russia that they do not intend to attack Ukraine. Now Russia has called back some of their units. This will definitely reduce the tension, but for that, Russia needs to call back all the units on the border of Ukraine.

Ukraine has commented that although Russia has announced calling back, some of its Army units, but when they call back the units deployed at the border, only then Ukraine will trust Russia’s efforts of reducing tension.

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