Hindus stop ritualistic worship in a Temple at Malappuram (Kerala) to mourn the death of a Muslim

Editorial Comment

  • The inter-religious harmony of Hindus is always one-sided, followed only by Hindus. While other religions exterminate Hindus, still, Hindus do not learn from it.
  • Religious processions of Hindus are always opposed and attacked by religious fanatics in many places across the country. Realise that even the Police pressurise Hindus not to take the processions through the areas dominated by these fanatics, and the media never reports such facts.

Malappuram (Kerala) – The annual religious festival at the Punnassery Bhagwati Temple, in Beeranchira Village, were stopped after the death of 72-year-old Muslim, Cherattil Hyder. The decision was taken by the Temple committee. Indian Express, while publishing the news in their daily, appreciated the inter-religious harmony of the Hindus. The Vice-Chairman of the committee M. V. Basu said that Hyder was close to all Hindus and was living opposite to the Temple.

Panchayat member P. Mustafa said the Temple’s decision was applauded by everyone. Hyder’s funeral was attended by the Temple committee officials and other Hindus. The love they expressed is admirable. (Mustafa should explain why followers of other religions do not express such love towards Hindus ! – Editor)

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