Rising cases of ‘Love Jihad’ and required remedial action

Hindus must abide by Dharma, make others aware of ‘Love Jihad’ and other fanatic activities through legal means !

H.H. (Advocate) Suresh Kulkarni

1. Many cases of ‘Love Jihad’ came to the light in Maharashtra

Sambhajinagar (Aurang-abad) is a famous town in Maharashtra. Hindurhuday Samrat (Late) Balasaheb Thackeray was fond of this city. A ‘fatwa’ was issued in this city – ‘Convert Hindu girls and get Rs 200’. Many Hindu girls were lured into love affairs and converted. Schools, colleges, hotels and cold-drink houses regularly witnessed these affairs. Nagar District is near Sambhajinagar. Along with Hindu girls, married women too were enticed into ‘Love Jihad’, exploited sexually and economically. They were abandoned when they became pregnant. These women were even sent to other people for further exploitation. Unfortunately, not a single political party or Government is prepared to take a stand and fight this menace.

2. Intelligence Bureau submitted a report on ‘Love Jihad’ in Kerala and created an uproar

Every month over 100 girls were converted in Kerala. This was proved in the Kerala High Court. Four thousand people were converted between 2006 and 2009. Malappuram District alone saw the conversion of 1,600 girls. Thousands of girls have been devastated. These facts were published in a Malayalam magazine – ‘Kalakaumudi’. CID and Intelligence Bureau presented a report to the Home Ministry in 2012. This lead to a commotion in Kerala and revealed ‘Love Jihad’ activities in Kerala too.

3. A religious fanatic applied for bail in the Kerala High Court, which revealed a case of ‘Love Jihad’; the High Court converted it into a PIL

In 2009, a religious fanatic applied for bail in the Kerala High Court. During the trial, it was noticed that a large number of women were lured into ‘Love Jihad’. They were exploited sexually and financially. The Kerala High Court noticed that these women were forced to carry out anti-national and terrorist activities. The High Court not only refused bail but converted the bail application into a PIL. A fact-finding Committee was set up through an NGO called ‘Voice of Justice’.

4. Political parties denied the existence of ‘Love Jihad’ in the report submitted by the Committee

Distinguished personalities were selected as members of this Committee – Surendra Bhargava (Former Justice of Jaipur and now Chief Justice in the Sikkim High Court), PS Rao (Retd. Inspector-General of Police in Hyderabad), Gurcharan Singh Gill (Attorney-General of Rajasthan), Dr IB Vijayalakshmi (Well-known gynaecologist and social reformer), Dr Suvarna Rawal (Activist for welfare of backward classes in Maharashtra), P Ganapathi (Industrialist from Chennai), S Ravi and Ramesh P Garg. This Committee put forward facts about ‘Love Jihad’. The word ‘Love Jihad’ was coined in 2009. Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP and AAP did not accept existence of ‘Love Jihad’.

5. London Police acknowledged ‘Love Jihad’, BJP-ruled States passed a law against ‘Love Jihad’

Rates of Rs 8 lakh for a Sikh girl, Rs 7 lakh for a Jain girl and Rs 6 lakh for a Brahman girl were fixed to lure girls into ‘Love Jihad’.

The Police Chief of London warned the Hindu community to safeguard their girls and women. Conversely, Indian politicians refused to accept the reality of ‘Love Jihad’. Fortunately, devout Hindu leader Yogi Aditynath (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) acted swiftly and passed a law to counter ‘Love Jihad’ and conversions.

Gujarat and other States were inspired by this act and created stringent laws against ‘Love Jihad’. In many States, these laws are opposed, including in the Supreme Court. All cases are pending in Courts.

6. Police and administration are inactive about ‘Love Jihad’

Police inaction regarding ‘Love Jihad’ is very shocking. When the parents of a girl approach the Police to lodge a complaint, they do not include the word ‘Love Jihad’ in the FIR. The parents provide all information – the name of the religious fanatic, his residence address etc.; however, the Police do not make any effort to apprehend the culprit. In the complaint, the Police write – ‘The girl has run away’. If the Police are pressurised by society, they take some nominal action. They ask the accuser to bear the travelling expenses. The Supreme Court has directed the Police on several occasions to file a complaint whenever a crime takes place. Whenever the name of a religious fanatic is mentioned, the Police lose all power and become impotent. The Police tend to ignore serious crimes like that of ‘Love Jihad’.

7. The indifferent attitude of various Governments, Police and the Judiciary results in injustice to Hindus

Many Advocates and Judges have a similar attitude. A Judge from the Gujarat High Court was promoted to the Supreme Court. In a meeting at the Bar Association, he said to the religious fanatics – ‘Do not worry. No one will stop your marriages. If anyone objects I am there in the Supreme Court’. Such people encourage ‘Love Jihad’ and related activities.

Christians have the support of 152 countries. 52 countries help the religious fanatics. What about the Hindus ? Of 195 countries in the world, there is not a single Hindu Nation. Does anyone care for Hindus in India ? Not a single politician. Nobody supports Hindus in distress. They have to fight alone.

8. No alternative but to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ to preserve our Dharma

In these trying times, the Hindu community should adhere to their religious rituals and culture. We must preserve the joint family system and other good practices in our Dharma. This will help inculcate eternal values and create a better society. All religious organisations must participate in these efforts. Many people question, ‘Where is ‘Love Jihad ?’ They claim that religious fanatics are sane. These people must face the reality.

The Jain community has realised the seriousness of the situation and learnt a lesson. They organised events such as – ‘Do not run away sister !’ They awakened the women in society. During the Pandemic, the Jain community created temporary prayer halls and places in houses and residential complexes. They followed the religious rituals and prayers in these places. Hindus must follow the example set by the Jain community. If our Dharma and culture survive, our country will prosper.

If religious fanatics rise, it will pose a grave danger to our Police, administration, judiciary and the country. This is a big challenge to our sovereignty. Hindus must abide by their Dharma, should make others aware of this threat and oppose ‘Love Jihad’ and other fanatic activities through legal means.

– H.H. (Advocate) Suresh Kulkarni (Founder Member, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad and Advocate in Bombay High Court, 29.9.2021)

Some provisions of the anti-Love Jihad law enacted by the UP Government

A. All prospective brides and grooms to submit detail information to the related officer a month and a half in advance to the Collector’s office. The applicant must clearly mention – ‘I am an adult. My decision is not under the influence of coercion, nor is there any allurement and I am converting willingly’.

B. Upon receiving the application, the Collector should display the information on a Notice board a month in advance, study the application and the individual converting should be present in front of the District Magistrate. Providing proof of information is necessary. Anyone who does not abide by the Law is liable for imprisonment upto 6 months.

C. Upon detailed investigation, the Collector gives permission for the marriage or conversion and a certificate to that effect.

Bollywood, terrorist organisations and legal advisors of religious fanatics promote ‘Love Jihad’ in various ways !

1. Many famous artists in Bollywood say – ‘Religion is not a factor in love’. Bollywood films do not cast Hindu actors and Muslim actresses.

2. Many victims of ‘Love Jihad’ were forced to engage in anti-national activities. When these activities were exposed, religious fanatics eloped to foreign countries. These girls were apprehended and faced legal action.

3. ISI, Lakshar-e-Taiba, Popular Front of India, Zakir Naik and other terrorist organisations fund the conspiracy of ‘Love Jihad’.

Many religious fanatic advocates are Notaries in the Courts. They prepare false marriage certificates for ‘Love Jihad’ marriages. This was noticed in the Bombay High Court. Recently, a Delhi courtroom was used for these activities. In this case, the Bar Council has barred a fanatic counsel.

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