70% of minor Hindu or Christian girls amongst the forced religious conversions in Pakistan !

Editorial comments

  • It is shameful that all Government leaders in India have not done anything to solve the problems of the Hindu minority in Pakistan and Bangladesh !
  • For the well-being of Hindus all over the world, it is the duty of all Indian Hindus to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ at the earliest !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The Hindu minority in Pakistan has been converted on a large scale. According to a newspaper report in Pakistan, 70% of the converted are minor girls. According to the newspaper ‘The Nation’, in 2020 this was 15% and in 2021 rose 4 times more, i.e 60%. Every year, about 1,000 girls are kidnapped in Pakistan and are forcibly converted. Later, these incidents are suppressed. According to information in this newspaper, there is no law in the country to stop religious conversions of minorities. (A country whose Constitution is based on Islam is surely going to make the world ‘Dar-ul-Islam’ – or Islamic ! Hence, it will never be possible to make a law to stop religious conversions of the Hindu minority victims in Pakistan. – Editor)

Recently, 13-year-old and 19-year-old Hindu girls and a Christian girl were converted and married to a 40-year-old Muslim man.

According to the report, minority girls getting kidnapped and raped as well; similar cases as above are increasing in Pakistan.