Bikaner : Hindus attacked by religious fanatics with swords and weapons !

The mob tried to retaliate

Editorial comment

It is not surprising that under the Congress regime in Rajasthan, religious fanatics are able to fearlessly attack Hindus !

Bikaner (Rajasthan) – Religious fanatics attacked Tejas Gehlot due to a conflict over a shop in the Ambedkar Circle area. He was attacked with swords, and further shot in the leg. Hindu Jagran Manch retaliated with stone-pelting . It resulted in a chaotic situation between Hindus and Muslims. The Police controlled the situation with lathi-charge and dispersed the mobs. The Police took Jethanand Vyas of Hindu Jagran Manch into custody. (Hindus are taken into custody in the Congress regime while Muslims can freely attack In congress regime!: Editor) Due to the tense situation, the Police ramped up the security. The Police also called chiefs of both religions to establish peace in the area. (Hindus did not initiate the conflict then why are Hindu leaders summoned to establish peace ? Police must call upon the religious leaders of the religion, which caused the chaos. – Editor)

The Police dismissed the incident as trivial while answering a tweet from a BJP leader

Editorial comment

Hindus should realise that in the Congress regime, any attack on Hindus will be ‘trivial’. Hindus should end the political career of such a party.

BJP leader Laxmikant Bhardwaj has tweeted the video of the incident. He also stated further that Sajid, Sadiq, Firoz, Irfan, Shahrukh, and Sikandar cornered Tejaswi in the middle of the market and shot him there itself.

The Police have replied to the tweet by saying, ‘There was a conflict between two parties over vacating a shop. Litigation is ongoing over this. One of the involved parties initiated the stone pelting at the closing time of the market. Now the situation is under control’.

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