Case registered against former Samajwadi Party MP Adeeb for trying to grab land

The plot was to build a mosque, by showing the land of Samadhi of a Hindu person as a cemetery in Gurugram !

Editorial comments

  • Land Jihad of religious fanatic politicians ! Hindus feel that such fanatic politicians must be immediately arrested and punished by the State BJP Government.
  • This shows no matter how big the religious fanatics are, they still commit crimes and try to spread their own religion !

Gurugram (Haryana) – A case has been registered against Mohammad Adeeb former Rajya Sabha MP of Samajwadi Party along with Abdul Haseeb Qasmi and Mufti Mohammad Salim for trying to build a mosque on the Hindu-owned Samadhi site claiming it to be a cemetery. Due to this, communal harmony is disrupted, the Police said.

This is the land of a Hindu family from Jharsa village, and they had built a Samadhi for one of their old family members after his death. Observing that no one comes to this place for a long time, Mohammad Adeeb started his attempts to build a Mosque on this land by showing it as a cemetery.