Advocates should avoid the usage of words like ‘My Lord’, ‘My Lordship’ , ‘Your honour’ !

Editorial comment

  • The usage of such words even after 74 years of Independence is shameful for the all-party Government to date ! At least now, the Government should take efforts to remove these words as well as to change the uniform of advocates to the Indian dress code !

Bhuvaneshwar (Odisha) – S. Murlidhar, the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court, has given instructions to the advocates to avoid the usage of words like ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Lordship’, ‘Your Honour’, ‘Honourable,’ etc. He has said that instead of these words ‘Sir’ or other similar words can be used. Since there are no rules, this can’t be ordered and hence, this has been observed as instruction.

1. In the year 2020, Supreme Court Judge Sharad Bobde had stopped an advocate for using the words ‘Your Honour’. He said, ‘Are you doing argumentation in an American Court ? ‘Your Honour’ is used in their Courts, not in India.’

2. In 2020, Thottathil B. Nair, the then Judge in Calcutta High Court, had told the Court authorities and advocates in Bengal as well as Andaman Nicobar to use ‘Sir’ instead of ‘Your Honour’.