We do not want your blessings: DK Shivkumar, Congress, Karnataka

Ascetics coming on the foundation day of the Congress to bless insulted by the Congress State President

Editorial comments

  • When the time of one’s destruction comes, his/her mind thinks the opposite of what it should. If any Islamic scholar or pastor would have come then DK Shivkumar would have welcomed them by prostrating on the ground ! Hence, Hindus should bring a political end to such a Congress.
  • There cannot be any comparison between the ancient Hindu Kings who were ruling with the blessings and guidance of Sages and present wicked Congress rulers insulting ascetics coming to bless. It is shameful for Hindus, as the Congress ruled over this land of ascetics and Sages India for the maximum time.

Maddur (Karnataka) – An incident of State President of Karnataka DK Shivkumar insulting the ascetics coming there to bless the Congressmen on the Congress’s foundation day by denying their blessings, took place in the foundation programme.

137th Foundation Day of the Congress had been organised in a private Community Hall in Shivpur. The Chief Guest, former Deputy Chief Minister G Parmeshwar was addressing the gathering assembled on this occasion. Front seats in the auditorium were occupied by DK Shivkumar and other dignitaries. Seeing the programme, some ascetics came there and told DK Shivkumar that they had come to bless the Congressmen; but not paying any heed to what they were telling, DK Shivkumar said by folding his hands (Namaskar), ‘We do not want your blessings.’ The ascetics left the premises.

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