To implement the perspectives of spiritual practice under all circumstances it is essential to perform spiritual practice at the level of the subconscious mind : Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal

On 7th December 2021, a Satsang was organised for the families of seekers. Sanatan’s Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal guided how seekers should make efforts in sadhana (Spiritual practice) in the company of their family members. Here is a brief on Her guidance.
Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal

1. Sadhana (Spiritual practice) means performing actions as expected by God all the 24 hours of the day : Kaliyug is the era when science prevails. Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale has advised performing sadhana as per Gurukrupayoga (Path of Guru’s grace) for rapid spiritual progress in this era. It is the easiest path of spiritual practice. Gurukrupayoga is a combination of Jnanyoga (Path of Knowledge), Dhyanyoga (Path of Meditation), Karmayoga (Path of Action) and Bhaktiyoga (Path of Devotion).

Sevas are made available for all the types of seekers taking into account their abilities and skills. Though the domain of seva and skills required vary from seeker to seeker, our ultimate goal is one and the same.

We commence our sadhana with all the force to reach this goal; however, our efforts fall short at some point in time and we are pleased and satisfied with our efforts we are making in seva for a specific number of hours and vyashti sadhana (Related to personal spiritual growth). Our efforts then are directed by our limited intellect. In fact, what is sadhana ? Sadhana means performing actions as expected by God all the 24 hours of the day.

2. Living Spirituality means making efforts to implement the perspectives of sadhana everywhere : Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale does not expect that seekers make efforts to perform seva and vyashti sadhana just at the superficial level. A seeker who is introverted on the points – if there is a change in his / her behaviour as expected by God while performing vyashti and samashti sadhana, if the personality defects and ego aspects are reducing and if bhav (Spiritual emotion), devotion, reverence are increasing day-by-day, progresses rapidly in Spirituality. Living Spirituality means implementing the perspectives of sadhana at all places, in any circumstance 24/7.

3. Behaviour of a seeker who performs sadhana at the level of the subconcious mind behaves equally with family members as well as with seekers : In worldly life, exams which are conducted in our schools and colleges judge our performance. Our performance is an indicator of our grasping ability. Similarly, what we have learnt during sadhana and grasped from it is examined in the real sense in our family. Based on our behaviour with the family members, we can judge what we have learnt so far in sadhana is just at the level of the conscious mind or it has reached the subconscious mind.  If our efforts with regards to spiritual practice are only at the level of the conscious mind (meaning, superficial level) we discriminate between family members and outsiders or seekers at the behavioural level. When sadhana runs in the blood, related efforts take place from the depths of the heart, and the individual behaves with equanimity and naturally.

Even in the family of seekers some handle each other at the psychological level. They themselves do not remain at the level of sadhana and also avoid helping family members in their sadhana. This leads to spiritual loss of the family.

Some seekers also think that their family members do not make them aware of their mistakes. Such seekers should think introvertedly – why do my family members not tell me my mistakes ? What change I should bring in myself ?

All family members of seekers should increase their efforts in sadhana so as to handle each other at the spiritual level. It is a feature of a seeker that he can make efforts with regards to sadhana in the company of his family members. We can achieve closeness with family members at the spiritual level if we make efforts with regards to sadhana from the bottom of our heart.

4. According to a proverb – ‘Pindi te Brahmandi’, to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ we should bring changes in ourself first : Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale has put forth the goal of establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ for us. According to ‘Pindi te Brahmandi’ [Our bodies have a bit what the Universe is made of], this can be achieved at the social level if it has been achieved in our minds (if performing sadhana from the bottom of our heart is achieved) first. This should be initiated in the family. Once this is achieved at the level of the family, we can be close at the spiritual level with co-seekers and with the people in society. We can experience ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (the whole Universe is one) through these efforts.

Endeavour to bring about changes in the self amounts to expressing real gratitude unto Shri Guru. Honest, hard and transparent efforts with regards to sadhana in the family, at the personal level, in Prasar and the Ashram are the key to achieving the personal goal of progressing spiritually and the social goal of establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

We should make efforts with such yearning that God should feel that the seekers are now eligible for the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Only then He will bestow ‘Hindu Rashtra’ on us.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Nilesh Singbal (One of Paratpar Guru [Dr] Athavale’s spiritual heirs)