Dismissed constable Gagandeep Singh from the Punjab Police Squad found guilty of the bomb blast in the Ludhiana Court

Ludhiana (Punjab) – Punjab Police informed that Gagandeep Singh was responsible for the bomb blast in the Court here and he had died while carrying it out. Gagandeep happened to be a former Police constable who had been dismissed from the Police squad because of smuggling drugs. He was sentenced to jail also for 2 years. He was released in September this year. It has been found in the inquiry that 2kg RDX was used in the blast.

After a detailed investigation, it will be clear why Gagandeep had carried out the bomb blast, who trained him in this, who was really involved in this. The bomb exploded when someone was instructing Gagandeep how to connect the bomb and the bomb blasted then and he got killed. 5 other individuals also got injured that time; they are being treated in hospital and as per the information received, they appear to be improving and steady in health.