All Congress MLAs in Punjab are involved in illegal sand mining ! : Amarinder Singh alleges

Capt Amarinder Singh refuses to name those MLAs

Editorial comments

  • Why didn’t Capt Amarinder Singh take action against such corrupt MLAs while he was the Chief Minister of the State ? He must tell this ! As he has backed such corrupt people, action should be taken against him now and the Central Government should also take action against those MLAs by retrieving their names from him !
  • If all the Congress MLAs are involved in illegal sand mining, then it is impossible to imagine how many MLAs from other States of the country are engaged in such illegal businesses ! This shows the true nature of the political figures in India ! This situation makes Hindu Rashtra inevitable !

Chandigarh – Punjab’s Ex-Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, has alleged that all Congress MLAs in the State were engaged in the illegal trade of sand, but stated that he will not make any names public. ‘Ask me who is not involved. If I start telling the names, then I will have to start from the top. I do not want to do that’, he told reporters.

Amarinder Singh had already told Congress President Sonia Gandhi that he had intelligence reports that several MLAs from the party were involved in the illegal sand trade. (Criminal complaint should be lodged against Congress President Sonia Gandhi for failing to take any action even after knowing the situation ! – Editor) He had reiterated the same thing in the Punjab Assembly session. (So why didn’t the CM take any action ? – Editor)

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