A youth beaten up in Punjab for desecrating ‘Nishan Sahib’

Editorial comment

  • The Central Government should investigate whether such incidents are deliberately planned as the Assembly elections are approaching !

Kapurthala (Punjab) – After a recent incident of a man desecrating Guru Granth Sahib in the Golden Temple at Amritsar, a similar incident has happened in Kapurthala. A youth desecrated the Nishan Sahib (Holy flag of Sikhs) in Nizampur Village in Kapurthala District. Hundreds of villagers gathered to beat up the man. They did not allow the Police to take the man into custody. The situation escalated rapidly, and the man was lynched to death by the crowd.

Earlier, Gurdwara caretaker Amarjit Singh saw a man desecrating Nishan Sahib late at night on Sunday. A video of this incident went viral on social media and caused villagers to rush towards the Gurdwara. Before the offender could escape the scene, he was nabbed and beaten up. The ‘blasphemy’ accused allegedly conceded that he had come from Delhi to carry out the act of sacrilege in exchange for money. However, he refused to divulge additional information about his identity and real name.