BJP Government in Karnataka to survey Christian missionaries

Editorial comment

If it is possible for one State then, the Central Government should survey across the whole country and stop the missionaries from illegally converting Hindus.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Department of Karnataka has asked the officers to survey both official and non-official Christian missionaries operating in the State. The decision was taken in a meeting on 13th October. Some of the legislators who participated in the meeting were Puttaranga Setty, BM Farooq, Goolihatti Shekar, Ashok Naik, Virupakshappa Bellary amongst others.

The discussions were held about the facilities Christian missionaries are receiving from the Government and their record in the Government registers. The committee opined withdrawal of these facilities. BJP MLA Gulihatti Shekhar mentioned that 40% of the churches operating in the State are illegal. (Was the Government administration sleeping till the Churches were constructed on such a large scale ? – Editor)
Shekhar had raised an issue of the rampant conversions in the Assembly during the Monsoon Session. He had revealed how his mother had been influenced and converted to Christianity by the missionaries. He claimed that 20-25,000 Hindus have been forcefully converted to Christianity in his constituency.

Meanwhile, Karanataka Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai had said, “We are deeply considering the implementation of a law to curb forceful religious conversion. We are studying the laws implemented in various States. We would like to bring the law as soon as possible.”