200 Chinese troops infiltrate Arunachal Pradesh border

India captures PLA troops !

Chinese soldiers released after talks between the two Armies !

Editorial comment

As China falls in line only after getting a formidable response, India should maintain this policy in the future too !

New Delhi – A face-off between the Indian and Chinese soldiers was reported from Arunachal Pradesh last week. As per the sources, a Chinese patrol team had infiltrated the Tawang area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh and was captured by Indian troops. According to a report, around 200 PLA soldiers tried to damage unoccupied bunkers of the Indian Army. The incident reportedly took place between the border pass of Bum La and Yangtse, near the LAC. India too responded in a befitting manner by capturing some of these Chinese soldiers. The matter was later settled at the local Army commander level. The Chinese troops were then released. No official information was given by the Indian Army regarding the incident.

According to Defence Ministry sources, the border between India and China has not been formally demarcated. The boundaries between the two countries are based on personal perceptions and there are differences in perceptions of the two countries. Therefore, such incidents can happen frequently in this area. Both countries patrol the border according to their respective policies. If there is any disagreement between the two countries, it is addressed peacefully through diplomatic protocols. Although the incident took place last week, peace is maintained on the border. (China is already sitting over large areas of Kashmir that they have taken from Pakistan. Chinese rulers, Army officers, and newspapers too lay the claim over Arunachal Pradesh. Owing to this, India should be vigilant and take the initiative to demarcate the border. It is a shame for India that this has not been done by its rulers so far ! – Editor)

When the patrol units on both sides come across each other, they behave according to established rules. Such infiltration by China into the region is nothing new. In 2016, more than 200 Chinese troops crossed the Indian border, but after a few hours, they returned to their territory. In 2011, Chinese troops attempted to climb a 250-meter-high wall along the Indian border. Even then, India had objected.

On 30th August, close to 100 PLA soldiers transgressed the LAC in the Barahoti sector in Uttarakhand and returned from the area after spending a few hours.