Required : E-bikes at Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram

Sanatan Sanstha is devoted to propagating Spirituality, a mission sustained on donations from well-wishers, advertisers, etc. Two-wheelers which require petrol as fuel are presently being used in Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram for day-to-day functioning. With the current rise in fuel prices, using two-wheelers has become expensive. To reduce this expenditure, E-bikes are required in the Ashram. Following are some details of manufacturers and their approximate price in Rupees.

Name of the Company and Type Number Cost per unit (Rs.)
1. E-bike (Scooter)
A. TVS iQube 1 1,00,000/-
B. Bajaj Chetak 1 1,00,000 to 1,50,000/-
C. Aher 450X 2 1,40,000/-
2. Solar-powered bicycle
A. Cosmos bicycle 2 45,000/-

Readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus who wish to donate these E-bikes / bicycle or are willing to provide monetary help for their purchase may kindly contact as mentioned ahead.

Name and contact number : Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant – 7058885610

Address : Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant, Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandivade, Ponda, Goa, India – 403 401.

If you wish to issue cheques or DDs, please contact Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant. – Mr. Virendra Marathe, Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha. (25.8.2021)