Ludhiana (Punjab) bakery makes eco-friendly Shri Ganesh Idol using chocolate

Attack on Hindu faith in the name of ‘Eco-friendly’

Editorial comment

It is becoming customary for the past few years to celebrate only Hindu festivals in an ‘Eco-friendly’ way. On the other hand, brushing aside the environment, festivals such as Muharram, Bakri-Eid, etc. are being celebrated as per the religious traditions. Surprising thing is that no one speaks about it. ReaIise that if anyone tries to raise the voice against it, he will be ridiculed as ‘Fanatic’.

Spiritually incorrect chocolate made Idol of Shri Ganesh

Ludhiana ((Punjab) – Bakery proprietor Harjindarsingh Kukreja from here has made an Idol of Shri Ganesh on the occasion of Shri Ganesh Chaturthi using chocolate. A Large number of individuals are crowding to see it outside the bakery. He said that the Idol was ‘Eco-friendly’. He had been making such Idol for the past 6 years. Kukreja said that through this they wanted to spread the message that, Ganesh festival can be celebrated in an eco-friendly way. He also invited individuals to reduce the use of Ganesh Idol dangerous to the environment. (Could Kukreja show courage to invite individuals telling them not to celebrate Bakri-Eid, posing danger to the environment ? – Editor)