China to provide an aid of Rs 228 crore to the Taliban

Editorial comments

  • China has helped the Taliban, which defied democracy and formed their Government. Would the Western nations, advocating democracy, take a firm stand against China ?
  • Realise that since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, China is worried about the Uyghur Muslims of China’s Xinjiang province adjacent to Afghan territory, raising their voice. Afghanistan also has a large amount of mineral reserve. Hence, China is supporting the Taliban.
  • While vaccines are ‘haram’ in Islam, will the Taliban use corona vaccines ?

Beijing (China) – The Taliban after taking control of Afghanistan announced its Government on 7th September. Although the Taliban’s Government is not globally recognised, China has announced 31 million USD (over Rs 228 crore) as aid for the new Taliban Government.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi declaring the aid said China will be providing the Taliban Government with food, medicine, corona vaccines and clothing for Afghanistan. China will donate 3 million corona vaccines to Afghanistan.