Report on tracing the origin of coronavirus submitted to the US President Joe Biden by US Intelligence Agencies

Enraged China criticises America.

The Pot calling the Kettle black ! – Editor

Beijing (China) – The US Intelligence Agencies have submitted a report on its investigations on finding the source of Coronavirus to the President. This report is not complete and due to the non-cooperation of China, the source has not been explained. This report is kept as a classified document, but it can be published in the future.

Investigations were conducted on two possibilities that the source of Coronavirus could be through animals or a laboratory. The US has not been able to come to a clear conclusion after carrying out investigations for 90 days but China has criticised the US on this report. China has warned the US that ‘it is an attempt to pass on the blame to China by politicising the issue of Coronavirus. If the US continues to accuse China, it should be prepared to face China’s retort’.

Conduct inquiry into even the US laboratories – China

Phu Kong, the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said that the US cannot free itself by victimising China. If other countries also think that the virus originated in a laboratory, the World Health Organisation’s team should visit The US’s Fort Detrick bio-lab in Maryland. A study on Coronavirus is going on even at this laboratory.

Former US President Donald Trump had alleged that Coronavirus originated at a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and spread from there, but China had refuted those accusations. After Biden took over as the President, he had ordered to conduct investigations to find the origin of Coronavirus and whether it was created in a laboratory.