The conversion just for marriage is inappropriate : Allahabad High Court

The Court cited Jodha-Akbar’s example

Prayagraj (UP) – Akbar and Jodhabai got married without converting. They respected each other and their respective religious sentiments. Religion was not a hindrance in their relationship. Religion is a matter of faith that reflects a way of life. It is not necessary to have a specific method of worship to express devotion towards God. To get married, the same religion is not essential. The Allahabad High Court observed that it is wrong to convert just for the sake of marriage.

In the Etah District of UP, Javed lured a Hindu girl and married her. He had taken her signature on a paper for conversion and they got married after her conversion. However, the girl complained to the Judicial Magistrate that she was cheated, so Javed was arrested. The Court stated the above rejecting Javed’s bail application.

1. The High Court observed that such conversions are not out of faith towards that religion. The decision is only out of pressure, fear and lust. The conversion just for the sake of marriage is wrong. It has no recognition in the Constitution. Conversions made for personal gain are detrimental for the individual and also harmful for society and the country. Such conversions strengthen the fundamentalists and encourage disruptive forces.

2. The Court ruled that religion is a matter of faith. Marriage can be solemnised without religious conversion.