5 men booked in Pakistan for raping and killing a goat

Criticism of Imran Khan Government on social media; users posting comments such as – Do goats need to wear a burqa too ?

In Pakistan, not only women but also animals are vulnerable due to the lust-filled mindset of men. Given the lustful mentality of people like these, the global community should not allow any foreign woman to visit Pakistan.

Okara (Pakistan) – A case has been registered against five men in Pakistan for raping and killing a goat in Okara on 27th July. According to the reports, the shocking incident of bestiality came forward after the owner of the goat found the animal dead and took it to the veterinary hospital where the medical report confirmed the goat was raped before it was killed. The goat’s owner then complained to the Police. Out of the five, the names of Naeem, Nadeem, and Rabb Nawaz have surfaced. Police are searching for them.

Heavy criticism of Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media

Recently, Imran Khan had said, ‘Obscenity leads to sexual harassment and this obscenity has come from western countries and India. Men are not robots. If women wear short clothes, its effects are inevitable’. Now Imran Khan is being criticised on social media after the incident of sexual abuse on a goat. Shaniera Akram, the wife of Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, said, ‘A goat today, what’s next tomorrow ? Accused will probably use the defence that goat was at fault as she was female, alone, used suggestive body language, and was not covered up’.

Some people have tweeted and tagged Imran Khan on Twitter. The tweets asked whether the goats will need to wear a burqa too so that the robots (lust-filled men) would stay in control.