Union Grants Commission`s revised syllabus to omit Mughals and include Hindu rulers’ history

  • A welcoming decision by the Central Government.
  • Now, there should be an effort to make such a change in curriculum in all the BJP-ruled States.

New Delhi – Union Grants Commission (UGC) revised layout of the history syllabus. Instead of the Muslim invaders who invaded India and destroyed many things here, more light will be shed on the achievements of the Indian rulers and their glorious history. In History of India (1206-1707), the history of Akbar and the Mughal Empire will be excluded and the history of Hindu rulers like Rana Pratap and Hemu Vikramaditya included. As per the reports, the focus is more on the religious than on the political aspects of society. The proposed syllabus framework of the UGC also aims to promote the concept of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and educate undergraduate students on the Indian perception of Dharma and Darshan. Another aspect is to focus on Science and Technology in Ancient India. Also, the syllabus will be revised to enlighten students about Ved and Upanishads.

History is being viewed from a religious and racist point of view – Congress Spokesperson Sachin Sawant spews venom !

Congress, which admires Mughals, Tipu Sultan, will definitely feel that education on Hindu Dharma is wrong.

Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant tweeted saying, history is being viewed from a religious and racist point of view. This will be irreparable damage by the Modi Government. Following Rashtriya Swayan Sevak’s (RSS) way of thinking, is a distortion of the education sector for political gains and this is very dangerous for the new generation. Congress shaped the country, gave a tolerant scientific approach and BJP is spoiling the country.