BBC removes Kashmir and Ladakh region from the map of India in its video

Removed incorrect map after complaint, but replaced it with Indian flag instead of correct map

  • What else can we expect from a British-owned broadcasting company other than hatred for India ?
  • BBC always displays hatred against India and Hindus in its publications. Patriots and devout followers of Dharma should ask the Central Government to ban such media.

The intention to show this map is not to hurt patriotism of Indians, but to highlight the extent of distortion of map of India. – Editor.

New Delhi – Indian map was shown during a coronavirus related video on BBC’s English news channel. In this video, Kashmir and Ladakh regions were removed from the map. After an uproar from patriots, this map was removed and instead of showing the correct map, Indian flag was broadcast. Patriots have requested Union Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take an action against BBC.