In Assam immigrant Muslims will be in Majority by 2038

Fears State BJP Vice- President and MLA, Jayanta Malla Baruah

As the Hindus have accorded BJP the responsibility to see to it that this does not happen, laws like Population Control Bill, Uniform Civil Code Bill, Anti-Conversion Bill, etc. will have to be drafted, passed and implemented immediately at the Central level.

Guwahati (Assam) – State BJP Vice-President and MLA Jayanta, Malla Baruah, fears that if the Muslim population growth is going to continue unabated then by 2038 Muslims in Assam will be in majority and Hindus in minority.

States population statistics shared by Baruah

1. In the decade1991-2001 the population growth rate of the Hindus in the State was 14.9 % and that of Muslims was 29.3 %. This shows that the growth rate of the Muslim population during the decade was double than that of the Hindus.

2. In the decade 2001-2011, the population growth rate of the Hindus reduced to 10.9 % and that of Muslims increased to 29.6 %, i.e. the Increase is almost thrice that of the Hindus.

3. According to the 1971 census report, the Hindu population in the State was 71.51 % and that of the Muslim population was 24.56 %. Whereas, the 2011 census shows that the Hindu population in the State reduced to 61.46 % and the Muslim population rose to 34.22 %.

4. Compared to only 2 Muslim dominated Districts in 1972, there are 11 Muslim majority Districts in the State as per 2011 census.