43% of Indians rejected Chinese goods after Galvan conflict

43% Indians rejected the Chinese goods, but the remaining 57% supported them. This is a higher number. We need to invoke pride for India among Indians.

New Delhi – There was an uproar in the country against China after several skirmishes at Galvan on the Ladakh border. Government agencies and social organisations appealed to the public to boycott Chinese companies and products. The purpose of this was to strike a blow and hamper the Chinese economy. The Government banned many Chinese apps and cancelled contracts of various Chinese companies. About 43% of Indians responded to the appeal and stopped using Chinese products and apps.

This is the result of a survey conducted by LocalCircles. Last November, in another survey by LocalCircles 71% of Indians did not buy a single product made in China.

57% Indians did not reject Chinese goods. This is a high number ! We need to invoke pride for India amongst Indians !