Immigrant Muslims need to adopt ‘family planning’ to control population

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s advice

  • Such an advice is of no use because the community which comprised of 3% of population after the partition, is currently 25%, with the mindset of ‘population jihad’. The only feasible solution is, implementing the Uniform Civil Code, Population Control bill, and anti-conversion law
  • Population should be controlled by making the laws since both the State and Centre are ruled by BJP.

Guwahati (Assam) – Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma appealed to the State’s ‘immigrant Muslim’ population to adopt a “decent family planning” practice. He said, “We want to work with the minority Muslim community to control the population explosion. Social menaces like poverty and land encroachment have their roots in the population explosion. If the population explosion continues, one day the land of Kamakhya temple will also be encroached upon. There will be encroachment on my home as well.’ Sarma was addressing the media regarding anti-encroachment campaigns.

Assam’s total population is 3.12 crore, 31% of which are immigrant Muslims. (Were the ruling parties napping until the immigrant Muslims became 31% of the total population ? – Editor) Their votes are decisive in 35 out of 126 constituencies in Assam. (If minorities become majority at a place, they influence the system – Editor)

*CM Sarma said:

1. Anti-encroachment campaigns are taking place in Assam. The displaced people are the immigrant Muslims. We implemented a policy regarding population in the last Assembly session. We want to work with the minority Muslim community to control the population explosion. (Working together is a good idea, however, only time will tell how much response this strategy gets – Editor)

2. If State’s ‘immigrant Muslim’ population adopts a “decent family planning” practice, it will help address the issue. For this, I will be working with Badruddin Ajmal’s AIUDF and AAMSU parties.

Encroachment on temples and mutts due to rising population

CM Sarma said that nobody will be allowed to encroach the forest land, temples and Vaishnav muatt. If we control the population, several social issues can be solved.

Criticism from Opposition

Aminul Islam, General Secretary of AIUDF, has criticised CM Sarma’s advice. He accused CM’s statement of being politically motivated and targeting one community.