Ban PETA in India : Amul urges PM Modi

PETA trying to tarnish the image of Indian Dairy Sector

If PETA increasingly indulges in anti-Indian activities, then the Government should proactively ban it. PETA is concerned about the abandoned male calf, but all are aware that on Bakri-Eid PETA disappears.

New Delhi – Vice Chairman, Valamji Humbal, of Indian Amul dairy, urged PM Modi to ban the NGO, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as it was trying to ruin the livelihood of Indians. PETA’s actions tarnish the image of the Indian Dairy Sector and might affect the GDP adversely. Humbal alleged that PETA is conspiring to make Indian milk producers unemployed and encourage MNC’s producing synthetic milk. Slashing the rumour of animal cruelty, Humbal said that Indians treat livestock as a part of their family.

PETA India asks Amul to promote Vegan Milk

PETA India asked Amul to manufacture vegan milk, as vegan products are in high demand. Vegan products are manufactured with vegetable fat.