We will not be able to protect ourselves merely as human beings; we need God’s blessings – Meghalaya Health Minister

A Christian Minister has realised this; when will Hindu Ministers realise ?

Shillong (Meghalay) – Meghalaya’s BJP Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek said, “As human beings, we will not be able to protect ourselves. We need God’s intervention, God’s blessings. Without Him we are nobody. Only the Holy protection can provide us strength to overcome the this (Corona) pandemic across the world”. He had appealed people to pray at their own residences on 30th May and ask the Almighty for protection. The Meghalaya Government had released a circular about it. Chief Minister Conrad Sangma had approved the Minister’s call for prayer.

At present, Meghalaya has 33,104 cases out of which 8,025 are the active Covid patients. On 1st April there were only 49 active Covid patients out of total 14,000 Covid patients. As of now, the number of Covid deaths has reached to 544. Meghalaya has a population of just 33 lakh.