Chinese Govt.’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ challenges the US !

Says, if war breaks out, US could lose !

Only time can tell who will lose. At least for now, China has held the world for ransom through Covid-19 !

Beijing (China) – China’s official newspaper Global Times, in its editorial, has warned the US that it would be defeated if war broke out. The Global Times’ editorial threat came as a response after the United States joined the joint military exercises carried out by Japan, Australia, and France. Earlier on Thursday, China said that such military exercises had no impact on the country and it’s just a waste of fuel.

  1. The US expert Alex Mihailovich said, ‘China is concerned over the increasing US military presence in the South China sea. It is enraged due to America’s activities in the region and the military drills.’
  2. Former UK MP George Galloway said that US’s increasing activities in the South China sea would prompt an increase in military preparedness from China, which will lead to escalation between the two countries.