China prepares for war in the Galwan Valley

Deploys digital long range rocket launchers and other weapons

In case of a conflict with China again, India should not take a defensive stand this time, instead must retaliate and make an all-out effort to defeat China.

Beijing (China) – Just as the second wave of coronavirus hits India, China appears to be preparing for war on the eastern Ladakh border. China has deployed digital PHL-3-long-range multiple rocket launchers near the Indian border in Tibet. CCTV, the official television of China, reported this. These rocket launchers have been handed over to the ’Xinjiang Military Command’ deployed near the Indian border. According to CCTV these rockets are highly mobile, fully digital and highly accurate and can target multiple locations simultaneously.

  1. According to ’South China Morning Post’ rocket launchers have been deployed at an altitude of 5,200 meters along the Ladakh border, the region where the Galwan conflict took place last year.
  2. These rocket launchers can be fast deployed. The rocket launchers provide Chinese soldiers the ability to fight on the Tibetan plateau, high-altitude terrains and deserts and under all weather conditions. The rocket has a capacity to reach upto 130 km at a speed of 60 km/hr.
  3. In addition, China has deployed 15 light tanks, 181 cannons and drones that can fly between mountain ranges in Ladakh.