China infiltrates into Bhutan’s village, establishes illegal control over it

Conspiracy to use this territory against India !

  • China is attempting to build pressure on India by encroaching upon India’s neighbouring countries !
  • Government of India should implement an aggressive foreign policy for China just as former PM Indira Gandhi did by acceding Sikkim into India, thereby foiling the China’s plan to infiltrate it !

Beijing (China) – China has infiltrated into Bhutanese territory and is building infrastructure in Gyalaphug village. It is building network of roads, military outposts, etc. China is apparently attempting to surround India. It is engaged in such activities since 2015. China had then announced to build a village in this area. Since 1980, it has laid a claim on 232 sq. miles of area in this village. The concerned area is located in Lhuntse District of Bhutan and Chinese soldiers used to visit this place for their entertainment.

According to the experts, China intends to use Bhutan against India in future. In an event of clash with India, it can use Bhutanese territory against India since it has geographical advantage.