Anarchy in Bengal


Ashwini Kumar, a Police officer from Bihar, had gone to a village in Dinajpur in Bengal to carry a raid in connection with the theft of a motorcycle. The village lies on the borders of Bihar and Bengal. However, a very unfortunate incident took place with this Police officer. In the village where he had gone for the raid, the locals attacked him, threw stones at him and beat him to death. He was pronounced dead after he was shifted to a hospital. In this case, Feroze Alam, Abuzar Alam and Sahinur Khatun have been arrested. This gives an idea of which community formed the crowd or who the locals are. The fact that a Police officer from a neighbouring State has come to take action, when a mob gathers, attacks and kills him is very enraging.

Politics of crowd

The question is, how did the crowd gather ? The names of those arrested confirm that the mob was that of religious fanatics. Religious fanatics basically dislike the Police and administration ! From their perspective, a Police officer and that too a Hindu means he is a Kafir ! Therefore, who will make them realise that this perspective is like attacking a system itself ? In particular, Ashwini Kumar had sought the help of the local Police in Bengal before taking action in the concerned village, but he did not receive help. This is another annoying act ! It is very apparent that the Police in Bengal did not help, rather the Police deliberately did not help.

When a Policeman from one State goes to another State for taking action, the local Police must be present there. Action should be taken against these Policemen in Bengal who did not join the Policemen from Bihar. Mamata Bannerjee is said to be responsible for every incident in Bengal. She  may also be responsible for not giving Police assistance in this case. Has she given any such orders to the Police ? This needs to be investigated. Bihar means Nitish Kumar, that is, the BJP Government. If a Government official comes from there, then he must be a BJP man. There is no doubt that Government employees in every BJP-ruled State, be it Bihar, will be members of BJP as per Mamata Banerjee’s understanding.

Violence in Bengal

A Policeman came from outside Bengal and he was killed, this is a horrible incident. A few years ago, a video of the Bengali Policemen crying and expressing grief over the fear of being attacked by religious fanatics was circulated on social media. It is impossible to imagine the plight of the Policemen or the general public. In a video released a few days ago, a BJP flag was seen hoisted on a tea stall and a mob passing by pulled out the flag, vandalised the stall and beat up the stall owner. The vehicle of Zee News TV channel, which carried a female journalist and photographer, was passing through a village when a mob literally smashed the glass on the doors of the vehicle with iron rods and stones, surrounded the vehicle and threatened everyone inside. The journalist and photographer felt very scared that they would be killed soon.

The new identity of Bengal

All this shows what Mamata has sown during her tenure. The crowds in some places in Bengal are getting agitated as if all those coming from outside Bengal or abroad are either foreigners or Pakistanis. Becoming violent and spreading violence are now the new identity of rural Bengal. Bengal is the State of revolutionaries ! Some of the greatest revolutionaries in the Indian struggle for Independence were born here. Today, Mamata Banerjee is responsible for making the same State of Bengal a State of rioters.

An IPS officer in Bengal ended his life by expressing his grief in heartbreaking words and writing a story of his bitter experience. He tried to carry out his duties very sincerely. Therefore, his promotion was stopped. Many problems were created at his residence. He was transferred several times for raising his voice against the flaws in the system. He approached the Courts several times. Ultimately, he committed suicide when he realised that he will not get justice. Mamata Banerjee only was responsible for his suicide.

At present, the identity of Bengal is seen as a State where many unlawful activities are taking place in many ways such as attacking, vandalising, physical assaults, making and exploding bombs, killing Hindus and Policemen, killing BJP workers, desecrating Deities, sheltering infiltrators, cow-smuggling, etc.

Earlier, bombs have been found in many places in Bengal. Wherever there was a bomb blast, the conclusion was that more bombs are in that area. If there is such a situation in one State, how will the citizens ever experience law and order there ?

What could be worse than killing a Police officer ? Why is the Central Government waiting for the situation to become worse. Some time back,  BJP MPs had asked for President’s rule in Bengal. Considering their demands and public sentiment so that there is no more chaos in Bengal, the Central Government should accede to the demands.

The law and order situation in Bengal has already deteriorated; it is a disgrace that all political parties ignored this !