Kerala guzzled alcohol worth Rs 65,000 crores over last five years!

The communist led government of Kerala seems to be bent on making the people of Kerala alcoholics! Can a government which desires increased revenue and plays with the health of the public ever be expected to engage in social welfare? 

Kochi (Kerala) – Liquor sales in Kerala over the last five years have been worth an eye-watering Rs 65,000 crores. An RTI application led to this information.

After the communists came to power, there has been a tremendous increase in liquor sales due to certain revised policies. On coming to power, the communist led government immediately resumed all the liquor bars which were closed down by the former United Democratic Front Government. Permission to open 200 new liquor bars and serve liquor in 9 clubs was also given by the communists. Despite the collapse of Kerala’s economy due to the floods in 2018 and the Corona pandemic in 2020, these liquor sales figures are considered astonishing.