Evangelists built a cross-shaped structure at Hindu shrine of Sita Mata’s foot prints in Guntur

BJP objects

  • Vandalism of Hindu temples is on the rise in AP since the day YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, a Christian CM, took office. And now crosses are being erected in places deemed sacred to Hindus. It is appalling that the Hindus of AP and the entire nation are silent. 
  • Hindus never impose their religious symbols on the religious sites of other religions; but other religions do the same and yet have the gall to call themselves ‘secular’. The pseudo secularists of the country conveniently prefer to remain silent on this. 
(Reference: Organiser Weekly)

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) – After several incidents of vandalism of Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh, Christians are now attempting to erect crosses illegally over sacred Hindu places. A huge Cross-shaped structure has been erected by evangelists in Edlapadu, Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, where once a temple with the footprints of Mata Sita stood. This shocking news was tweeted by BJP Andhra Pradesh co-in charge Sunil Deodhar. He has also posted pictures of this cross. There is a carving od Lord Narasimha in the area too.

As per a report in the Organiser

Hindus consider this site holy and for centuries marriage rituals have been taking place here. However, slowly Christians crept in and started claiming that the hill belongs to Mary.

After Jagan Mohan Reddy Government came to power, they built a church here. While the BJP and RSS workers opposed this, one of the top bureaucrats, also a Christian, allegedly extended support to the church.

The Guntur Rural Police took to Twitter to post a clarifying video. In the video the police claimed that the Holy site for Hindus is on one peak, but the cross has been constructed on a peak opposite to the holy site. However, Guntur police has not clarified so far as to whether the Evangelists had the permission to construct a cross at the site.

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