India will exercise maximum restraint in case Pakistan violates cease fire! – Indian Army

The ceasefire pact is in place since 18 years; however, Pakistan has always violated it. Now that Pakistan itself has assured to follow the pact, India has no reason to believe it and should always stay alert and respond Pakistan’s misadventures formidably.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – “We will not retaliate as long as it is possible and we hope that the Pakistani side will also uphold the agreement,” General Officer Commanding (GoC), 28 Infantry Division, Major General V M B Krishnan told reporters.

Commenting on the ceasefire agreement, Pakistan PM Imran Khan said, “The onus is on India to create an enabling environment for further progress in bilateral ties. We always demand peace and welcome the talks on prolonged issues.” (Imran Khan’s statements hold India responsible for the hostility between the two countries. Making ceasefire pact with such people would prove to be self-destructive! – Editor)