Journalist Dilip Mandal shares obscene tweet on Sri Saraswati Devi

Demand for his arrest gaining momentum on social media.

There are no stringent laws to prohibit such activities in our country. This encourages anti-nationals. The central government ruled by the BJP must pass strong anti-blasphemy laws.

New Delhi – Journalist Dilip Mandal posted an obscene tweet about Sri Saraswati Devi on Basant Panchami. People have demanded his immediate arrest.

Dilip Mandal in a series of tweets in English and Hindi wrote, ‘I do not regard Saraswati the goddess of knowledge. She neither opened a school nor wrote a book. What is her contribution to the field of education? For me, Mata Savitribai Phule and Fatima Sheikh were the eternal torch bearers of education. Still I stand with Saraswati, as she was sexually exploited by Brahma’. Reference- Phule, Jyotiba. Slavery (1991) Published by Government of Maharashtra.

Our intention underlying the publishing these images/videos is not to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments, but to make readers understand the denigration carried out by anti-Hindus.