Ill treatment of parents to cost Washim Zilla Parishad staff 30% of their salary – money to go to their parents

Decision by the Washim Zilla Parishad to make the new generation realize their duties is praiseworthy! This should be implemented throughout the country!

Washim (Maharashtra) – Washim Zilla Parishad staff who do not take care of their aged parents will have to deposit 30% amount of their wages in their parents Post Office account. This decision was taken by Washim Zilla Parishad. The President of Washim Zilla Parishad, Reshma Gaikwad proposed a resolution regarding this in the Zilla parishad general meeting. This resolution was welcomed with applause and passed.

In case the parents raise a complaint with the Zilla Parishad, initially the concerned staff;s behaviour will be examined and a strict warning will be given. If they do not heed to the warning, 30% amount from their wages will be deducted and deposited into the parents’ post office account. This information was provided by Zilla Parishad President Chandrakant Thackeray.