Accept  ‘friend requests’ on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with extreme caution !

1. A person was in the seeker’s ‘friends list’ on Facebook due to the similarity in name; that person asked the lady-seeker questions in an inappropriate language through chats : There are many accounts with similar name on Facebook. There were similarities between the names of a seeker and a person in a District, and there were many seekers in that person’s ‘friends list’. The man asked a lady-seeker in the District unnecessary questions in an inappropriate language through chat. The lady-seeker then ‘blocked’ this person. Another seeker had a similar experience with that person. It was noticed that seekers were getting confused due to the similarity in names.

2. When accepting or sending a ‘friend request’, make sure the account is of the person you know :  On the social media, any stranger can send you a ‘friend request’. Therefore, the request should not be accepted without confirming the identity of person. To verify if the person is an acquaintance, go to his account and look at his photos as well as posts, if his purpose is to propagate the mission of the Nation and Dharma, etc.

Before sending a ‘friend request’, it is important to verify that the account belongs to the person you know. Sending a ‘friend request’ to a wrong person can lead to problems in the future.

3. Follow these safety tips regarding social media :

A. Ensure that there are people in the ‘friends list’ who you know.

B.Avoid using Facebook Messenger for security reasons.

C. Follow the guidelines of the Government and administration regarding the use of social media.

If you have any problems or doubts in this regard, please contact the responsible seeker in your District who is Incharge of seva related to the social media.