Rahul Gandhi mocks RSS and PM Narendra Modi

‘Knickerwallahs’ from Nagpur can never decide the future of Tamil Nadu state! – Crude remarks by former Congress President

What good have the Congress people done for the nation by wearing a dhoti, having a white cap on the head, placing a rose on the coat and supporting the partition of India and destroying the future of Hindus who are in majority? Can Rahul Gandhi answer this question?

Chennai – Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticized the RSS and PM Narendra Modi in crude language during his public address at Dharapuram. “We will not allow PM Narendra Modi to destroy the foundation of India. He does not understand that only Tamil people can decide the future of Tamil Nadu. ‘Knickerwallahs’ from Nagpur can never ever decide the future of the state,” he said. Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of Tamil Nadu for the assembly elections to be held in May. He was speaking during the inauguration of Congress party’s poll campaign.