Vellore : Christian man vandalises Hindu temple by painting Cross on its walls

  • Had someone painted Om on church wall, Secularists not only from India but all around the world would have called Hindus as Talibanis. However, Hindu organisations and anti-Hindus are quiet !
  • Shankaracharya was jailed on false charges when Jayalalitha was the Chief Minister. It is no surprise that anti-Hindu activities have risen under the Government of the same political party, AIADMK !
The Christian cross is drawn on the walls and floors

Vellor (Tamil Nadu) – In yet another incident of temple attack, a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore District has been vandalised by painting Christian symbols all the walls in an attempt to convert it into a church.

According to the reports, the Amman temple in Tirupattur District was found vandalised with Christian cross symbol painted all over the walls of the temple. The incident happened at Ellappalli village in Naatrampalli Taluk of Tiruppatur District.

According to the complaint registered by the villagers with the Naatrampalli Police, the temple is very old and is worshipped by 250 families of the village as per Hindu traditions. (What action did the Police take? Had they taken a prompt action, the religious fanatics wouldn’t have dared to do such activities. – Editor) The villagers suspect that the act was an effort to convert the temple into a church.

The complaint states that one Baskar, son of Mahendran and Baby had earlier broken the idols and the hundi for which a complaint was registered twice with the police in July and November 2020. Now the same person is accused of vandalising the temple again.

On the night of 14 January (Pongal day), Baskar had allegedly turned off the street lights and painted the cross on the walls, floors etc of the temple to convert it to a Church. He had also painted the cross on electric poles and on the bridge near the temple.

The villagers further alleged that Baskar abused them using vulgar words as they confronted him on the matter. They said that Baskar threatened them by saying they cannot do anything to him as he is backed by five people. He had told them that he did the act upon the incitement of those five people and that nothing can be done to them. (A strict action should be taken against such arrogant individuals. – Editor)

The villagers have now demanded strict action against the perpetrators for trying to incite religious clash.