Fake currency notes with communal writings found from temple donation boxes

Even used condoms were also found

Has anybody ever heard that such incidents occurred in the donation kept in the mosques or Church ? It is shameful that only Hindu temples are being targeted in various ways and Hindus are sleeping over the matter.  

Lord Sri Babbuswami Temple

Mangluru (Karnataka) – Fake currency notes with communal and derogatory writings have been found from the Hundis (donation boxes) of temples in the city. People suspect that this is a bid to disturb communal harmony in the District. Notably, this comes days after pro-terror graffiti had cropped up in the city. The said incident is said to have taken place at three places in the city.

(Translation – It is condemned in a currency note that only Jesus Christ worshiped & killed Hindus in the hood of Bobu Swamy Temple in Mangalore. This is an offense under the IPC 295 A & Banking Regulations Act 1949. @compolmlr Immediately arrest the offenders.— Mohan Gowda)

Sources said that used condoms were found along with fake notes of Rs. 200 in the donation box of Bhagwan Shri Babbuswamy. Temple. The staff and religious leaders have expressed anger over the incident and demanded that the culprits behind the act be nabbed at the earliest.

The photos of the currency have been circulating on social media, they read, “Everyone should pray only to Jesus Christ, Every Muslim should be killed like pigs”.

(The above photos and videos are not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.They have been published for the purpose of knowing the facts. – editors)