Anti-Cow slaughter Bill passed in Karnataka

Congress stages a walkout in protest

  • Congress prefers supporting religious fanatics to the Holy cow and that’s why they are protesting the bill. Remember, Centre or state has not been able to ban Cow slaughter in the last 74 years due to the Congress’s appeasement of the religious fanatics.
  • In 1966 Karpatri Swamiji and thousands of sadhus and gaurakshaks staged demonstrations demanding a ban on cow slaughter. The same Congress ordered that they be killed indiscriminately.

Bangalore – A bill banning cow slaughter has been passed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. According to this law, killing a cow and calf will be illegal. This law permits the killing of a buffalo over 13 years of age. The only exception to this is that when a cow is ill and is likely to infect other cows. The sale and transportation of beef will also be a punishable offense.  Cow slaughter  cases will be tried in a fast track court. There is also a provision to open gaushalas for the protection of the cows. The Congress opposed the law in the assembly and staged a boycot. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah has convened all Congress MLAs to discuss this matter.

(Courtesy: Republic World)