Congress Leader in Jammu- Kashmir, Jahanzaib Sirwal daydreams !

With Biden’s help article 370 would be implemented !

  • Jammu-Kashmir is an integral part of India and none of the countries has right to interfere in any of the matters related to it. So if the US would dare in this regard, they would get a befitting reply !
  • The Central Government should drive out or imprison such a religious fanatic and anti-nation leader who dares to make such anti-national statement through the United States !

New Delhi – After Biden becomes the US President, Articles 370 and 35A will be restored in Jammu and Kashmir. The decisions taken in this regard on 5th August 2019 were against democracy. I am sure India can be pressurised by Biden, said Jammu and Kashmir Youth Congress Leader, Jahanzaib Sirwal.

(Courtesy – Zee News)

Sirwal added that victory of Biden and Kamala Harris is the victory of democracy. Their victory will impact the politics of entire world including politics in India. The positive impact of their victory can be seen on the politics of Jammu- Kashmir. The Islamphobia spreading across the world will be reduced. (On the backdrop Jihadi attacks taking place daily in Europe the world has cognizance of the fact who hates who. – Editor)