Web-series, Stand-up comedies, Books, etc. : Various mediums of spreading Hinduphobia

Today in a Hindu-majority country of India, insult and mockery of Hindu Dharma, Hindu Deities and Hindu traditions is going on unabated through mediums such as Web-series, films, Stand-up comedies, books, paintings, social media, etc. The most unfortunate aspect about this issue is that many namesake and ‘secular’ minded Hindus appreciate and support such Hinduphobia due to sheer ignorance and lack of pride in their own Dharma, while most Hindus ignore these incidents.

The main reason for this apathy of Hindus and unabated Hinduphobia is lack of Dharmashikshan to Hindus and lack of unity among them.

When any such insult to the seats of faith of other religions takes place, everyone from those communities unitedly protests, thus forcing the concerned people or organisations to apologise or withdraw their products, content, etc.

Protest against anti-National and anti-Dharma incidents with restraint !

The main objective in protesting against anti-Hindu elements is to bring about an ideological change in them. Therefore, any protest should be at the ideological level on the strength of relevant theoretical points.

Here, the expansive perspective should be to bring the erring individual onto the right path by pointing out his mistake.