13 students of the Islamic school in J&K join a terrorist organisation

Need to investigate the type of education imparted in Madarasas and Islamic schools, and if necessary ban them permanently.

Shopian (J&K) – Thirteen students from an Islamic school have been found to have joined a terrorist organisation. Students in this school are from Kulgam, Pulwama, and Anantnag Districts. Several students from the Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Telangana States study in this school. However, after the abrogation of Article 370, no new students from these States joined this school.

In Feb.2019, there was a suicide attack on the CRPF force. Sajjad Bhatt, the main culprit of the attack was a student of this school.  Deceased so-called Commander Zuber Nangru of the banned terrorist organisation Al Badr was also a student of the same Islamic school.