Offence registered against 10 people participating in a cricket match being played in the memory of terrorists in Kashmir

Offence registered against the brother of the terrorist who organised the match

  • From this, it is clear that such people are not afraid of the Police, law, Government, etc. The Government is expected to enact a law declaring them traitors immediately.
  • The Government should send the organisers of such ‘matches’ to life imprisonment ‘, only then will such tendencies be curtailed.

Srinagar (J&K) – The Police have registered a case against 10 people, including the brother of a terrorist who organised a cricket match in the memory of terrorists in Kashmir.

In 2019, terrorist Syed Ruben was killed in a clash with security forces. A cricket match was organised by his brother Tajmul in his memory. The above 10 players had participated in this match as players. Tajmul had given T-shirts bearing the name of terrorist Syed Ruben to all these players to wear. As soon as the police came to know about the incident, they stopped the match and registered an offence against the persons concerned. A large number of locals had gathered to watch the match. (The Police should take action against them too. – Editor) The local Police officials said that the match was organised to promote terrorism.