Madarasas and Sanskrit schools in Assam will be closed from November : Education Minister

Sanskrit schools will be run under Universities of Ancient Studies

Guwahati (Assam) – Assam Education Minister, Himanta Vishwa Sharma told reporters that all Government-run Madarasas and Sanskrit schools will be closed from November this year.

From now on, the Assam Government will only promote secular and modern education, hence there are no plans to hire Arabic teachers. Private Madarasas will continue as before. The Government will not interfere with them. The Government will provide secular education because it has always been in favour of secular education.

About Sanskrit, Himanta Vishwa Sharma said that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Now we will bring Sanskrit schools under the ‘Kumar Bhaskar Varma University of Sanskrit and Ancient Studies’. They will work in a new format. A Government notification to this effect will be issued shortly.